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Jsh's Discord bot
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Provides the necessary base for JshBot to run, including ffmpeg and youtube_dl.

In order to properly start up the bot, you must create a directory where all of the external files will live (such as server data, configuration files, cached audio files, backup files, etc.)

mkdir jshbotexternal && mkdir jshbotexternal/config
wget -qO jshbotexternal/config/core-config.json

Edit core-config.json with your editor of choice and replace the necessary fields:
owners: A list of IDs (as integers) of the intended bot owners, found via Discord itself
token: The token generated from your application on the Discord developer applications page
debug_channel: The channel ID that will be used for debugging purposes (such as uploading backup files)
upload_channel: The channel ID that will be used for user uploads (such as WolframAlpha query results, playlist tracklistings, etc.)

(Additionally, you may want to configure the command_invokers field to change how to invoke the bot's commands.)

Once you are done with the configuration, save and exit. The bot can now be started with:
docker run -it -v $(pwd)/jshbotexternal/:/external jkchen2/jshbot

Directions subject to change - a database will be added soon.

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