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PHP-FPM on Alpine
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PHP-FPM Docker Image on Alpine

This is a simple PHP-FPM installation running on Alpine Linux. It utilizes the official alpine:3.7 release and installs PHP packages via apk, the Alpine Linux package manager. Please see the Dockerfile for a list of PHP packages installed. The current apk version for PHP is 7.1.17.

This image is created to enhance my own workflow. You are more than welcome to use it, if you are interested. NOTE: the image size reported by the badge above is WRONG. The current image size is 108 MB.

To use this image in your own Dockerfiles, add it to your FROM statement:

FROM jkilbride/php-fpm-alpine

I have customized the shell by adding to the /etc/profile.d directory and enabling the file. Be aware that I prefer vi keybindings. If you prefer the default emacs keybindings, type set -o emacs at the command prompt.


This image is designed to work with my nginx image: jkilbride/nginx-alpine. It creates a volume in the /var/www directory and copies the info.php file to /var/www/app/webroot. My nginx image is configured with /var/www/app/webroot as its document root. To run these two images together, type docker-compose up -d and point your web browser to http://[your-docker-host]:8080/info.php. You should see the output of the phpinfo() command.

For a more interesting example, you can inject your own codebase into the /var/www/app/webroot directory of this image using a bind mount or a data volume. See the Docker documentation on volumes for more info. This is meant to be a simple example of connecting nginx and php-fpm on alpine, and can be used as the starting point for much more complex environments.


After much trial and error, I have discovered that the php-debug package for Atom will not listen on the 172.x.x.x network created by docker-compose. In order to get XDebug working with Atom, I had to supply a different IP address for my debug client in the xdebug.ini file. Please see the comments in this file to get XDebug working with your client. I am using the Mac OS X native Docker tools. YMMV.



As Alpine Linux uses musl, you may run into some issues with environments expecting glibc-like behaviour (for example, Kubernetes). Some of these issues are documented here:


The code is available under the MIT License.

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