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Build Angular 2 apps with the Angular 2 CLI on Ubuntu 16.04.
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Angular 2 CLI Container

This Dockerfile will create a container for Angular 2 development. Use this if you do not want to install the CLI or Node.js on your local machine or just to have a stable environment to work with. Paths are case sensitive!

Get Started

To run the image:

docker run --name ng2builder -v c:/Users/path/to/ng2/project:/src -it jlikness/ng2build

You can change the volume mount based on your system. For Windows users, you will need to share the C drive in the Docker for Windows settings for the mount to work.

If you have an existing project, you can simply:

cd src

ng build

If you want to create a new one, follow the instructions (i.e. ng init for the CLI).

To cleanup:

docker stop ng2builder

docker rm ng2builder

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