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Run Threadfix from a Docker container!
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The commands below will run a standalone version of Threadfix on port 8443.

docker pull jmbmxer/threadfix
docker run -d -p 8443:8443 jmbmxer/threadfix start

Make sure the container has started and keep an eye on the logs.
docker ps
docker logs -f <CONTAINER ID>

All required components are started and ready to receive web connections once you see this line in the logs:
INFO: Server startup in 47239 ms

Threadfix is now available on your localmachine or instance IP address at https://DOCKER_IP:8443/threadfix
Default creds for the web UI are user / password

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Comments (4)
a year ago

This has been migrated to an automated build repo -

You can find the Dockerfile there. Cheers!

a year ago

What are the chances that you post the dockerfile for us to see?

a year ago

Try using https:// instead of http:// in your URL. Also, make sure you have your Docker IP address correct. I use docker-machine ip to discover what was assigned.

a year ago

My log looks ok and ends with
INFO: Server startup in 20358 ms
but by accessing http://localhost:8443/threadfix I download a called thredfix with unreadable content.