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backups docker volumes to minio server
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This image backups docker volumes to minio server


docker-compose up 


CRON_TIME       the interval of cron job to run mysqldump. `0 0 * * *` by default, which is every day at 00:00
MAX_BACKUPS     the number of backups to keep. When reaching the limit, the old backup will be discarded. No limit by default
INIT_BACKUP     if set, create a backup when the container starts
INIT_RESTORE_LATEST if set, restores latest backup

INIT_RESTORE_URL restore from minio url ex: myminio/bla/file.sql 
MINIO_HOST name of minio host ex: myminio
MINIO_ACCESS_KEY minio access key
MINIO_SECRET_KEY minio secret key

USE_RESTIC use restic instead of plain minio client
RESTIC_PASSWORD optional or autogenerated

Restore from a backup

See the list of backups, you can run:

docker exec jmcarbo/docker-volume-backup mc ls myminio/minio-bucket/

To restore database from a certain backup, simply run:

docker exec jmcarbo/docker-volume-backup / myminio/minio-bucket/2015.08.06.171901

To display restic snapshots

docker exec jmcarbo/docker-volume-backup  restic snapshots

Minimum command line

docker run -ti --rm -e MINIO_HOST_URL= -e MINIO_ACCESS_KEY="...." -e MINIO_SECRET_KEY="..." -e MINIO_BUCKET=test -e BACKUP_DIRS=/tmp jmcarbo/docker-volume-backup

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