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Gitblit GO ready to serve your Git repositories!
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Gitblit & Docker

These instructions assume you are running Ubuntu and you have already installed Docker.

sudo apt-get install

Running Gitblit in Docker

You can use the Gitblit Docker image I have created here.

sudo pull jmoger/gitblit
<wait a while>
sudo run -d --name gitblit -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -p 9418:9418 -p 29418:29418 jmoger/gitblit

The followings commands should retrieve and execute the Gitblit image and launch Gitblit in a Docker container that serves the web ui on ports 80 and 443. Your repositories will also be accessible via ssh, http, https, and the git procotol. The RPC administration interface has also been enabled so that you may use the Gitblit Manager to configure settings, manage repositories, or manage users.

You should be able to browse to http://localhost or https://localhost and login as admin/admin.

You can stop your container with:

sudo stop gitblit

You can manually start your container with:

sudo start gitblit

Build Instructions

Thanks to Nicola Paolucci at Atlassian for the terrific Stash example.

Clone this Repository

git clone

Build your Docker container

cd gitblit-docker
sudo build -t jmoger/gitblit:1.6.2 .

Run your Gitblit container and setup localhost port-forwarding (-p localhost:container)

sudo run -d --name gitblit -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -p 9418:9418 -p 29418:29418 jmoger/gitblit:1.6.2
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