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Earth Wind and Fire

Firebase -> Redis translator.


  • Client subscribes to a firebase path by subscribing to the path/event on Redis
    • EX: SUBSCRIBE child_added:my/data
  • Client publishes the firebase path as a string to the firebase-<event> channel on redis
    • This informs the daemon that it should subscribe to updates from firebase
    • EX: PUBLISH firebase-child-changed my/data
  • The client will then receive the current value as JSON published to the path
  • On any update to the value, the client will receive the value as JSON published to the path


  • You should have docker available locally, either on linux or via boot2docker on Mac.
    • If you're using boot2docker, you should make port 6379 forward to the VM
  • Install fig via sudo pip install -U fig
  • Start redis by running fig up
  • Start the daemon by running FIREBASE_URL=<YOUR FIRBASE URL> node index.js


The important environment variables that should be set are REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_PORT and REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_ADDR. Those should be set to the appropriate port and address values to connect to Redis.

You should also set FIREBASE_URL to your production Firebase URL.

Docker deployment

  • Build the docker image with docker build . -t <your tag>
  • Run the docker image with docker run --env FIREBASE_URL=<YOUR FIREBASE URL> --env REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_ADDR=<YOUR REDIS SERVER ADDRESS> --env REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_PORT=<YOUR REDIS PORT> <your tag>
    • Alternatively, you can pass --link <your redis container>:redis to run and all the environment variables for redis will be filled out. You still need to pass in the Firebase url however.


  • Support real message queues like kafka and/or kestrel
  • Support more advanced queries to Firebase
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