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Dockerfile for Apache Kafka

Forked from wurstmeister.

The image is available directly from

Configuration Options

There are some special environment variables that you should set in a production cluster, although the defaults are fine for dev.

  • KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOSTNAME: This is hostname that other brokers can communicate with this broker on. It gets published to Zookeeper.
  • KAFKA_ADVERTISED_PORT: This is is the port that other brokers can communicate with this broker on. It gets communicated to Zookeeper. This
    is the port that is exposed on the host side, not inside the container, so you'll want to explicitly assign this port when running the container.
    It defaults to 9092.
  • KAFKA_BROKER_ID: The identifier for this broker in logs. It defaults to the value of KAFKA_ADVERTISED_PORT
  • KAFKA_LOG_DIRS: The directory where all data is stored. Defaults to /kafka/kafka-logs-$KAFKA_BROKER_ID. You should make this directory a volume or within a volume in order to prevent data loss when you stop the container.
  • KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT: Connection string for connecting to zookeeper. Defaults to looking for a linked zookeeper container called zk.

In addition, KAFKA_HEAP_OPTS and KAFKA_LOG4J_OPTS will be passed to the script. Use these to configure logging and Java.

All environment variables except KAFKA_HEAP_OPTS and KAFKA_LOG4J_OPTS that start with KAFKA_ will be converted to the kafka configuration. The KAFKA_ prefix will be removed, the key will be lower cased, and _ will be replaced with .. So to configure message.max.bytes you would set the KAFKA_MESSAGE_MAX_BYTES environment variable.

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