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Container running Activiti 6.0.0.Beta2 with Tomcat8 and MySQL
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Activiti 6.0.0.Beta2

This is a stock configuration for running Activiti 6.0.0.Beta2. I started with a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image, added some basic linux utils, mysql-server, tomcat8, and finally dropped in the .war files from the distribution. The services are run via supervisord.

Getting Started

docker run -p 8080:8080 jmulieri/activiti-6.0.0.beta2 supervisord

Find out your docker machine IP address:

docker-machine ls

Open http://<docker-machine-ip>:8080/activiti-app in your browser. Note: it may take a few minutes to start-up, so be patient.

Default login: ******

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