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Monitor JVM via JMX
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JmxTrans Docker image

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Connecting the outside world to the JVM.

This is a fully functional JmxTrans application instance, based on the last releaase.


docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans -P jmxtrans/jmxtrans          
docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans -P jmxtrans/jmxtrans start-without-jmx
docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans -p 9999:9999 jmxtrans/jmxtrans

You have two commands available :

  • start-with-jmx (default value)
  • start-without-jmx without jmx if you think there is an extra runtime cost (we don't think so)

Example: docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans -P jmxtrans/jmxtrans

This will automatically create a 'json-files' volume on docker host, that will survive container stop/restart/deletion.

Passing JMXTRANS launcher parameters

The arguments as environment variable are :


You might need to customize the JVM running JMXTRANS, typically to pass system properties or tweak heap memory settings.
Use JAVA_OPTS environment variable for this purpose :

docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans   
       --env JAVA_OPTS="-Dkey1=value1 -Dkey2=value2" 

or change the timing :

docker run -d   -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans 
                --env SECONDS_BETWEEN_RUNS=5
                --env HEAP_SIZE=1024
                --env PROXY_HOST=

If you log into the container and exec ps -ef | grep java, you will see :

jmxtrans     9     1 25 13:09 ?        00:00:01 java -server 
-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=384m -XX:MaxPermSize=384m 
-Djava.rmi.server.hostname= -jar /usr/share/jmxtrans/lib/jmxtrans-all.jar 
-e -j /var/lib/jmxtrans -s 5 -c false


Build with the usual :

docker build -t jmxtrans/jmxtrans .

Or with more arguments for a special release :

docker build -t jmxtrans/jmxtrans:256 --build-arg JMXTRANS_VERSION=256 .
docker build -t jmxtrans/jmxtrans:259 --build-arg JMXTRANS_VERSION=259 .
docker build -t jmxtrans/jmxtrans:260 --build-arg JMXTRANS_VERSION=260 .

Monitor JMXTrans with JMX (aka Inception)

Make sure to publish JMX container’s port 9999 as the Docker host port 9999 when starting the Docker container.
PROXY_HOST is the IP where is present the JMX client (example jvisualvm).
It is a mandatory parameter for jmx because you need a remote access to jvm instance.

Example with docker engine into a vagrantbox (static ip as

docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans -p 9999:9999 --env PROXY_HOST= jmxtrans/jmxtrans

Example with native docker MacOSX engine.
It is tricky despite the hidden virtualmachine (xhive) into Mac, we need to use localhost and not
Docker for Mac is awesome but maybe hard to understand...

docker run -d -v `pwd`/json-files:/var/lib/jmxtrans -p 9999:9999 --env PROXY_HOST=localhost jmxtrans/jmxtrans

Questions ?

Jump on!forum/jmxtrans and ask!

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