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Dockerfile generated Ubuntu / Python / WSGI image, plus PIL and LXML tools
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Contains Python 2.7.6, tools supporting Python's Web Service Gateway Interface, plus the PIL image processing library and the LXML xml parsing library.

Additional tools for building a Python Web app are also included -- PIP, Git, curl, net-tools, nano, wget, dialog, build-essential.

A a simple sample folder structure for a Web app is included in the base folder, /my_application

From Python's WSGI docs:

The WSGI application interface is implemented as a callable object: a function, a method, a class or an instance with a call method. That callable

must accept two positional parameters:
A dictionary containing CGI like variables; and
a callback function that will be used by the application to send HTTP status code/message and HTTP headers to the server.
and must return the response body to the server as strings wrapped in an iterable.

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