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a logstash container that ships logs to a RabbitMq
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a docker container to ship logs to rabbitmq.


sudo docker pull jnyryan/logstash-shipper
sudo docker run \
-d \
--name ls1 \
-e RMQ_HOST: \
-v /var/log/:/var/log/ \

-d = run in detached mode

--name = the name of instance in case you want multiple running

-v = the host directory to mount in the container. This is where LogStash looks for logs

See the full code on github

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Comments (2)
3 years ago

added user defined endpoint for RabbitMq - this should at least make it useful!!!

3 years ago

I need to add some changes here:

  1. ENVVAR for the Remote RabbitMQ Location
  2. Ability to pass in a users own logstash.conf
  3. A text interface so you can query it's working. Best way now is to look at rabbitmq and check for connections