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gitolite support send email after update!
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Gitolite image base on ubuntu 14.04 and support auto send email after repo update.


  • gitolite server
  • support import repositories
  • support auto email when update repo
  • support jenkins notify ---- pending


New Git Server

Gitolite only need your ssh public key if you are first time to use it.
Generator a new ssh key in the ~/.ssh directory with command :

$ ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa  -t rsa -N ''

If you have any issue, refer to

Run docker command to start gitolite server with your ssh public key :

$ sudo docker run -it --rm -e SSH_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/" joans321/gitolite

Import Git Repositories

If you already have repositories, what you need to do is import them.

Run docker command to start gitolite with your repositories :

$ sudo docker run -it --rm -v YourRepoDir:/home/git/repositories joans321/gitolite

Configure email account

If you use postfix as email server, just skip this category.

The email client is msmtprc, so you need to setup account for it.

You have two way to setup the account config :

  • Adding a data volument and assign the msmtprc path through by var MSMTPRC. Do command like this:

    $ sudo docker run -it --rm -v YourMsmtprcPath:/data -e MSMTPRC=/data/msmtprc joans321/gitolite

  • Use email account and password through by var EMAIL_ACCOUNT and EMAIL_PASSWD. Do command like this:

    $ sudo docker run -it --rm -e EMAIL_ACCOUNT=EmailAddress -e EMAIL_PASSWD=EmailPasswd joans321/gitolite

Note : email host default is mail.{$domain of your email address}, you can change through by var EMAIL_HOST.

Configure email recipients

  • clone the gitolite-admin at your container
  • add config hooks.mailinglist to conf/gitolite.conf file for the repo
  • Example like this :
repo gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   admin
    config hooks.mailinglist = YourEmailAddress, AnotherManEmail

Note : hooks.mailinglist will work at next commit

Send email failed

Sometime send email function maybe not work because of various email server.
If failed, you can follow the list step by step :

  • both try msmtp and postfix
  • set fix envelope sender if use postfix

    add config hooks.envelopesender to conf/gitolite.conf

  • set envelope sender domain different with recipient if use postfix

  • start rsyslog service if use postfix

    $ service rsyslog start
    $ cat /var/log/mail.log

  • check server info if use msmtp

    $ msmtp --serverinfo

  • enable msmtp log by modify ~/.msmtprc

logfile ~/msmtp.log


You can create issue at Github Issue.
I will love to help you at the free time.


  • admin's pub key for new repositories
  • email config for msmtp if not use postfix
  • mount old repo dir to /home/git/repositories for import the already repositories


  • ubuntu 14.04
  • openssh-server
  • gitolite
  • postfix
  • msmtp
  • mutt
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