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Wordpress docker image for Raspberry Pi with bundled MySQL server
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Out-of-the-box Wordpress docker image for Raspberry Pi (based Raspbian)


To create the image joaquindlz/rpi-docker-wordpress, execute the following command on Raspberry Pi:

docker pull joaquindlz/rpi-docker-wordpress

Running your Wordpress docker image

Start your image:

docker run -d -p 80:80 joaquindlz/rpi-docker-wordpress

Test your deployment:

curl http://localhost/

You can now start configuring your Wordpress container!

Github Repository

For details please visit the joaquindlz/rpi-docker-wordpress repository on github

More information

For details on how to access the bundled MySQL Server, set specific passwords or disable .htaccess,
please visit the joaquindlz/rpi-docker-lamp repository on github


Docker Pull Command

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Please add an automated build image....

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