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This repository contains a dockerised librarian puppet installation.
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Librarian Puppet Base Image


This repository contains a dockerised librarian puppet installation published to the public Docker Hub registry using automated builds.

The Dockerfile for this image can be found in the Github repository librarian-puppet-docker

How to Obtain This Image

You can simply pull this image from Docker Hub using one of the available tags.

$docker pull jocag/librarian-puppet-docker:latest

Building Your Own Container Based on an Image (Optional)

To build this image, simply pull this repository and cd into the directory that contains your preferred Dockerfile and run:

$docker build -t librarian-puppet-docker:<tag> .


There are base images available currently for CentOs 7.x and Ubuntu 16.04 systems, using both the latest stable version of Librarian Puppet.


It is required to have a Puppetfile in your current directory.
Then, you need to mount the volume for librarian puppet as /puppet

$cd puppet  

$docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/etc/puppet -w /etc/puppet install --verbose

You can use this image to download and compile your modules from Puppet Forge or any other repository as it is specified in your Puppetfile.


This software is shipped under the MIT License. Feel free to copy, modify or add extra software for your own purposes.
Forks and Pull requests are welcome!

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