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Centos7 Docker Image with some basic utilities like, ssh server and supervisor.
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Docker image with basic utilities. The purpose of this image is to act as a base for other images that provide services.


docker build -rm -t joeldsouza/centos7 


It's as simple as:

docker pull joeldsouza/centos7
docker run -d joeldsouza/centos7

Once the container is up you can access the supervisord web interface and optionally start the SSH server.

Customize exposed ports

By default, the ports 22 (sshd), and 9001 (supervisord) is mapped to random ports on the docker host. To customize, run:

docker run -p 22:22 -p 9001:9001 joeldsouza/centos7


By default, the container runs supervisord. If you want to start a shell in the foreground, run:

docker run -t -i -p 22:22 -p 9001:9001 joeldsouza/centos7 /bin/bash

Exposed ports

  • 22 - SSH Server
  • 9001 - Supervisor
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