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DRBD container for CoreOS. Use fleet to start a drbd device, floating ip, nfs service and nfs client
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Warning: The block device you specify will be used to create a drbd device. This might cause data loss. Although the block device needs to be unmounted to do so, caution is still advised.

I do use this container myself, but this is more or less a proof-of-concept.

It uses fleet to start 2 drbd services in secondary mode. The examples needs 2 fleet machines with metadata name=data-1 and name=data-2. When used for the first time a new drbd device will be initiated.

Next the nfs-service will be started. This fleet unit will:

  • Make the drbd device primary
  • Mount the drbd device
  • Add the mount to the /etc/exports file
  • Start the NFS service
  • Add the floating ip (in this example it is
  • Send 10 unsolicited arp packages so everyone will update their arp cache.

After that you can start the NFS client units.

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