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Based on the official dockerfile

How to run a redmine container

1. Build redmine arm version
  • Build
    docker build -t joherma1/rpi-redmine .
  • Or pull the image if was previously uploaded
    docker pull joherma1/rpi-redmine
2. Data container
  • Create a container without running it
  • Create a volume in the default path (docker inspect cont)
  • Use the docker image redmine to save space
  • Never run (/bin/true)
    docker create -v /usr/src/redmine/files --name sia-redmine-data resin/armv7hf-debian /bin/true 
3. Run redmine database (Postgres)
docker run -d --name redmine-postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=enimder -e POSTGRES_USER=redmine joherma1/rpi-postgres
3. Run redmine
docker run -d -p 3001:3000 --volumes-from sia-redmine-data --name sia-redmine --link redmine-postgres:postgres joherma1/rpi-redmine
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