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magento + nginx + mariadb

Prepare the container for MariaDB

change the password you want.

changing the value [-e "MARIADB_PASS=yourmariadbpassword"]

$ docker run --name="mariadb-data" johna1203/docker-data

$ docker run -d --name="mariadb" -e "MARIADB_PASS=yourmariadbpassword" -p 3306:3306 --volumes-from mariadb-data johna1203/docker-mariadb

You can check the database password using docker logs

$ docker logs mariadb | grep MariaDB
MariaDB Username: docker
MariaDB Password: yourmariadbpassword

Container for Magento

Now we will create the container for Magento.

to get access in the magento source code, I am sharing the directory

[-v ~/src/magento:/data]

the Magento code will be placed in the directory [~/src/magento] from your computer.

$ mkdir ~/src/magento

$ docker run --name="magento-data" -v ~/src/magento:/data johna1203/docker-data

$ docker run -d -p 8080:80 --link mariadb:mariadb --name="magento" -e "USER_NAME=johna" -e "PASSWORD=testtest" \
-e "FIRSTNAME=Johnathan" -e "LASTNAME=Froeming" -e "" -e "" \
 --volumes-from magento-data johna1203/nginx-php-magento

wait for the container will download the Magento source code and copy the directory ~/src/ magento/http.

You can check the progress using the docker logs

$ docker logs magento

when it's over will be created a file called "databaseInfo.txt" in your directory (~/src/magento).

Inside will have the information from your database.

Access the magento

I use boot2docker
check the ip boot2docker

$ boot2docker ip

Visit the web browser on port 8080.

I think you will see the magento screen.

Thank U.

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