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Create a multi-host, multi-container elasticsearch cluster from scratch with Docker and Ansible
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Provision a realistic elasticsearch cluster from scratch locally or on real servers with some sensible constraints:

  • 3 node containerized ElasticSearch cluster, one per host (ES uses lots of resources!)
  • ElasticHQ plugin running in ElasticSearch
  • Kibana container on each host
  • Configure each host to have correct ulimit to the docker user etc. settings for optimal ES running
  • Can pass in config file to ES (config/elasticsearch.yml) rather than a long complicated string of command line arguments
  • Elasticsearch's config file contains list of hosts to form a unicast cluster
  • Persistent mounted data volume (when your container dies you don't lose all your data)

make local virtual machines (optional)

  • Run this to make 3 on your local machine with docker-machine.
  • Fixes up boot2docker image to be like any normal linux (python installed for ansible)

create the cluster

make sure inventory.ini matches your machines (local virtual or real servers)

ansible-playbook create-es-cluster.yml
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