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(obsolete) A one-shot container to request/renew HTTPS cert from letsencrypt, with DNS challenge
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This image is out of date and obsolete, please consider other images like adferrand/letsencrypt-dns.


docker run -v /var/letsencrypt:/data --rm jokester/letsencrypt

If it did not succeed,
check /var/letsencrypt/ (
and modify /var/letsencrypt/* as needed.

Credentials for DNS challenge

You will need auth credentials (aka API keys / tokens) from your DNS providers.

(In case you are curious, these credentials are used to create a TXT record in the domain, and convince letsencrypt that you really own it.)

The credentials can be set with docker run -e, or with /var/letsencrypt/env file.

For example, a digital ocean user can use:

docker run -e "PROVIDER=digitalocean" -e "LEXICON_DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN=aaaabbbb12344321" jokester/letsencrypt

See lexicon for the required variables for your provider.



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