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Owncloud image: alpine linux / php5-fpm + nginx / owncloud
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This image runs owncloud in alpine linux.

Quick start

Default configuration: non-persistent data volume, serves at port 20080 (http) and 20443 (self-signed https).

docker run -d --restart=always -p 20080:80 -p 20443:443 jokester/owncloud

Warning: files will be lost when the container gets removed. Use data volumes (docker run -v) if this is not you want.

Data volumes (optional)

  • /data: documents of owncloud users (not encrypted, be careful if other people have access to the server)
  • /conf: configuration of owncloud

Data volumes at /data or /conf should be owned by uid 65534:65534.

  • /nginx.d: custom configuration of nginx

/nginx.d/*.conf files are included in nginx's http {} block. See the default self-signed http for an example.

A full example with 3 data volumes:

docker run -d --restart=always                                                       \
    -p 20080:80 -p 20443:443                                                         \
    -v /var/lib/owncloud/data:/data -v /var/lib/owncloud/config:/config -v /var/lib/owncloud/nginx.d:/nginx.d \


  • owncloud 9.0 / sqlite
  • nginx 1.10 / php5.6
  • s6 for service supervision


Dockerfile @ github

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