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Health Check app
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Monitor registered web applications online service availability. The application will send request to web server URL in specified interval (in minute) and log the response status. If error status (code >= 400) is found, a notification message will be sent to user's IM account.

Server API

web server

  • api

      get /api/webServer - list your registered web servers for specified pagination/sorting parameters skip, limit, sort
      post /api/webServer - create a web server item with the specified attributes excluding id
      put /api/webServer/:id - update web server attributes of the specified id
      delete /api/webServer/:id - delete web server item of the specified id

response log

  • api
      get /api/resLog - list all registered web applications response status for specified pagination/sorting parameters skip, limit, sort


  • git clone
  • cd healthCheck
  • npm install && bower install
  • update environment variables in config/env/ for server

    port: 3000
        driver:        'mongodb'
        host:        'localhost'
        port:        27017
        user:        'healthCheckrw'
        password:    'password'
        database:    'healthCheck'
  • update environment variables in www/js/ for client
    path: '/healthCheck'

proxy server setting (if required)

agent = require 'https-proxy-agent'

agent: new agent("")


  • node_modules/.bin/gulp
  • sails lift --dev
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