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Marathon Autoscaling Docker Oneshot
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mado is: Marathon Autoscaling Docker Oneshot, an attempt to autoscale your marathon apps


The vision is to have a Docker image that will run once to autoscale marathon applications.

I envision multiple backends that will be used. The actual scale up and down is a stable interface that should only change if upstream changes API spec.

Backend Support:

Backend Status Environment Token Name
LogicMonitor Supported logicmonitor
AWS CloudWatch Supported cloudwatch
Others? ??? <nbsp>


It should be very easy to run this wherever marathon.mesos resolves to the correct address (requires mesos-dns somewhere). Docker is used to provide a simple interface to run (though, it isn't too complicated if you choose to decompose it)

There are many environment variables in lieu of a config file or parameters to make this as re-usable as possible. They get passed to the Docker runtime. Backend specific variables have a common prefix and can be omitted it not used.


Variable Description
BACKEND_SERVICE Supporting Services for polling. See key above for support
THRESHOLD Threshold to take action
SCALE_UP_PERCENT (int) Percentage to scale the MARATHON_APP_GROUP
SCALE_DOWN_PERCENT (int) Percentage to scale the MARATHON_APP_GROUP
SCALE_FLOOR (int) (Optional) Lowest desired number of instances in a group
SCALE_CEILING (int) (Optional) Highest desired number of instances in a group
MARATHON_APP_GROUP Group of apps to scale


Variable Description
LM_COMPANY LogicMonitor Company
LM_USER LogicMonitor User
LM_PASS LogicMonitor Pass
LM_DATASOURCE LogicMonitor Datasource
LM_DATAPOINT LogicMonitor Datapoint
LM_HOST LogicMonitor Host where datasource is applied


Variable Description
CW_NAMESPACE Namespace, allowed values here
CW_METRIC Metric Name
CW_AGGREGATION_TYPE Aggregation Type, Supported: "Maximum" or "Average"

Contibutors and Contributions

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Feedback welcome and desired!

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