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(not updated, I moved to prometheus/influx). CarbonAPI from the carbon replacement stack.
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The carbonapi, dockerized by me.

Why diz?

I only need the binary, not all a proper dist, so I :

  • Compile go-carbon with golang docker
  • Copy the static binary to a alpine container. Could't just use the binary because you have to pass ENV variables on which carbonzipper to connect to and for that I needed a shell.

How do I get it rolling?

  • docker pull jolt/carbonapi
  • set the CARBONZIPPER_HOST (and port).
  • set the GRAPHITE_HOST (and port) to send carbonapi-metrics to.
  • (optionally) set MEMCACHED:HOST (and port).

In short:

docker run -d --name carbonapi --env=CARBONZIPPER_HOST= --env=GRAPHITE_HOST= -p 8186:8186 jolt/carbonapi

Thanks to

bodsch, who created the Dockerfile/Makefile that I started out with.

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