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The awesome go-carbon from lomic, packaged for me
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The awesome go-carbon from lomic, dockerized by me.

Why diz?

I only need the binary, not all a full UI, so I :

  • Compile go-carbon with golang docker
  • Copy the static binary to a scratch image.

How do I get it rolling?

  • git pull
  • choose which ports to map
  • create the whisper storage directory (mkdir -p /srv/carbon/whisper)
  • set the directory permission to UID 206 (chown 206 /srv/carbon/whisper)
  • Edit the go-carbon.conf file to your liking.
  • (Don't forget to modify sysctl settings per the go-carbon example if you use this config)

Thanks to

bodsch, who created the Dockerfile/Makefile that I started out with.

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