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Discord bot made by Twentysix at
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discordbot - v1.8

Red - A fully customizable Discord bot
Music, admin, trivia, fun commands and much more!
made by Twentysix at

Music, admin, trivia, fun commands and much more!

To run container:
docker create --name [name of data container] jonasbonno/discordbot:1.8
docker run --tty=true --interactive=true --detach=true --volumes-from [name of data container] jonasbonno/discordbot:1.8

docker run --rm --volumes-from [name of data container] -v $(pwd):/backup alpine tar jcpvf /backup/discordbot.bz2 /root/Red-DiscordBot

docker stop [name of data container]
docker run --rm --volumes-from [name of data container] -v $(pwd):/backup alpine tar jxpvf /backup/discordbot.bz2
docker start[name of data container]

To set it up on first start:
</br>docker attach [name of container]
</br>Create bot account:
</br>Enter discord token, admin group and etc.
</br>To exit again press CTRL+P and then CTRL+Q

Red has been completely rewritten. It is now fully modular and it comes with sets of features/commands that can be enabled/disabled to your liking, making it customizable exactly how you want.
You can turn Red into a trivia bot, an admin bot, a music bot (...) or all of these together.

The default set of modules includes and it's not limited to:

admin commands
trivia (lists included and you can make new ones!)
music features (playlists, youtube, soundcloud, queues...)
stream alerts (twitch/hitbox)
slot machines (yes, really!)
custom commands
imgur/gif search
and much much more

Red is in continuous development and new features get added all the time.

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