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Raspberry Pi with a GrovePi Docker container
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#rpi-grovepi - v1.0
Raspberry Pi with a GrovePi Docker container

Do the following on your Raspberry Pi Docker host before running the container:

1 - Download and flash the Raspberry Pi with HypriotOS from

2 - Install i2c-tools and raspi-config with apt

  • sudo apt-get install i2c-tools raspi-config

3 - Add the following two lines to /boot/config.txt

  • dtparam=i2c1=on
  • dtparam=i2c_arm=on

4 - Enable I2C with raspi-config (Advanced -> I2C -> Enable)

  • sudo raspi-config

5 - Reboot the Raspberry Pi

  • sudo shutdown -r now

6 - Check if the Raspberry Pi is now connected to the GrovePi with the following command

  • sudo i2cdetect -y 1

If you can see a “04” in the output, this means the Raspberry Pi is able to detect the GrovePi!

To run container: docker run --tty=true --interactive=true --detach=true --privileged --volume=/dev/i2c-1:/dev/i2c-1 jonasbonno/rpi-grovepi:1.0

To access the console:

  • docker attach [name of container]

Run your commands
To exit again press CTRL+P and then CTRL+Q


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