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Google Account Manager (GAM):
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Google Account Manager (GAM)

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  1. Follow the instructions to create the client secrets files as oulined here:
  2. Move your client secrets files to a .gam subdirectory of your home folder:
    mkdir ~/.gam
    mv client_secrets.json ~/.gam
    mv oauth2service.json ~/.gam
  3. After the first time you run gam (see below), it will create a file called oauth2.txt. Move that file to the .gam folder so you don't have to re-authorize every time you run the gam container. With the gam container running:
    docker cp gam:/gam/GAM-3.63/src/oauth2.txt ~/.gam

Running the container

I recommend creating the following as a script named to run the gam container.


if [[ "$(uname -s)" =~ MINGW(32|64)_NT ]]; then
    # Windows docker machine
docker run -it --rm \
  -v "${GAM_DIR}"/client_secrets.json:/gam/GAM-3.63/src/client_secrets.json \
  -v "${GAM_DIR}"/oauth2service.json:/gam/GAM-3.63/src/oauth2service.json \
  -v "${GAM_DIR}"/oauth2.txt:/gam/GAM-3.63/src/oauth2.txt \
  --name gam \
  jonathandandries/gam $@

You may need to set permissions so you can run the script:

chmod u+x

Now you can run the gam container in one of two ways:

  1. Drop to a bash shell (default): ./ then run gam commands, e.g.: gam info domain, or
  2. Pass parameters to run a single command, e.g.: ./ gam info domain
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