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Minimal Docker image for Java on Alpine Linux.
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The default image (latest) provides is intended for production and testing environments since it only provides the Server JRE. If you want to use this for development then use the jdk tag.

For anyone who wishes to use this image for their own container projects note that I shall endeavor to keep it tracking the latest release of Java and Alpine.


Docker Tag Size (compressed) Versions Description
latest 124 mb (48 mb) Java 1.8.0_92_b14 Alpine 3.3.3 64 bit Server JRE
jdk 200 mb (73 mb) Java 1.8.0_92_b14 Alpine 3.3.3 64 bit JDK

Configuration + Ports

The image exposes the following ports: 80 443


The Java Virtual Machine needs some code to execute to start a process so you have a couple of options for using this image:-

Place your Java application on the host somewhere and mount this pth as a volume into your container.

Assuming you intend to bootstrap you application with a class called Main in the host path /host/app/path, you could start up the container and the application like so:

docker pull jonjack/jalpine

docker run -d -v /host/app/path:/app/path 
                             jonjack/jalpine java -cp /app/path Main


To use as a base image for your own custom image.

FROM jonjack/jalpine

EXPOSE [any other ports you need]
CMD [some command to run]
ENTRYPOINT [your entrypoint]
Docker Pull Command