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Minimal container for running a Typesafe Play application.
Full Description

Base image: jalpine.
See Typesafe's Play website if you are not familiar with the framework.

Technology Stack

The image is minimal since it uses jalpine as its base image which is a trimmed down Oracle 8 Server JRE running on Alpine Linux. The container is around 124 Mb in size (before your Play application and its dependencies have been added).

|          Play          |
|  Oracle Server JRE 8   |
|      Alpine Linux      |
|         Docker         |

Configuration + Ports

The image exposes the following ports:

80 443 (from base image - jalpine:jdk)
9000 (default Netty HTTP server port)


The image assumes a startup script for your Play application at /app/play/bin/start. It also assumes you are using Play's default Netty port of 9000.

If you use the image as is, then you can start the container (and your Play application) like this.

docker run -d -p 80:9000 play

If you have your application files on the host and wish to mount them into the container then you can do something like this.

docker run -d -p 80:9000 -v /app/play:/app/play play
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