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This is a quick translation of interwho/stallman-bot to Botkit so it can be run independently without having Hubot installed. Some features may be missing.

What is this?

A helpful rms bot to remind you about proper usage of the words found here. If he hears a word that is misused, he interjects with his wisdom so that it won't happen again.

How can I get this awesomeness?

Easiest way is to use Docker:

  1. Create a new bot user
  2. Install Docker
  3. Run $ docker run -d -e "BOT_TOKEN=your-bot-user-token-here" joonasmyhrberg/stallman-slackbot

You can also do it with manually with node:

  1. $ npm install
  2. $ BOT_TOKEN=your-bot-user-token-here node rms-bot.js

Now the bot user you created should be visible and online in your Slack. Just invite it to the channel where you want the interjections to appear.

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