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This is a fork of the official Docker image for WordPress.
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Wordpress docker image

This is a fork of the official Docker image for WordPress . This image works just like in docker-library/docs/wordpress.

Differences to the official image

  • Wordpress is installed in wp directory
  • Themes and plugins are isolated and installed in content directory. Inspiration from WordPress Skeleton
  • Wordpress configuration wp-config.php is located in the root
  • Local development settings (database etc.) are defined in This file should be ignored by Git, so it doesn't accidentally get checked in. If the file does not exist (which it shouldn't, in production) then WordPress will used the DB credentials defined in wp-config.php

Development environment

WP_DEV can be used to define development environment like so:

<?php if (defined('WP_DEV')) { ?>
  // Development stuff
<?php } ?>
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