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This repository contains the source for the Rundeck docker image.

Image details

  1. Based on debian:stretch
  2. Supervisor, Apache2, and rundeck
  3. No SSH. Use docker exec or nsenter
  4. If RUNDECK_PASSWORD is not supplied, it will be randomly generated and shown via stdout.
  5. Supply the SERVER_URL or it will default to
  6. As always, update passwords for pre-installed accounts
  7. I sometimes get connection reset by peer errors when building the Docker image from the Rundeck download URL. Trying again usually works.

Automated build

docker pull jordan/rundeck


Start a new container and bind to host's port 4440

sudo docker run -p 4440:4440 -e SERVER_URL=http://MY.HOSTNAME.COM:4440 --name rundeck -t jordan/rundeck:latest


Start a new container, bind to host's port 4443, and enable SSL. Note: Make sure to update /etc/rundeck/ssl/keystore and /etc/rundeck/ssl/truststore for Production systems as the default certificate is self-signed. Set KEYSTORE_PASS & TRUSTSTORE_PASS to the passwords of those files. Both files can be volume mounted.

sudo docker run -p 4443:4443 -e SERVER_URL=https://MY.HOSTNAME.COM:4443 -e RUNDECK_WITH_SSL=true --name rundeck -t jordan/rundeck:latest

Rundeck plugins

To add (external) plugins, add the jars to the /opt/rundeck-plugins volume and they will be copied over to Rundeck's libext directory at container startup

Environment variables

SERVER_URL - Full URL in the form http://MY.HOSTNAME.COM:4440, http//123.456.789.012:4440, etc

EXTERNAL_SERVER_URL - Use this if you are running rundeck behind a proxy.  This is useful if you run rundeck through some kind of external network gateway/load balancer.  Note that utilities like rd-jobs and rd-projects will no longer work and you will need to use the newer [rd]( command line utility.

RDECK_JVM_SETTINGS - Additional parameters sent to the rundeck JVM (ex: -Xmx1024m -Xms256m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=256m -server -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dserver.web.context=/rundeck)

DATABASE_URL - For use with (container) external database

RUNDECK_UID - The unix user ID to be used for the rundeck account when rundeck is booted.  This is useful for embedding this docker container into your development environment sharing files via docker volumes between the container and your host OS.  RUNDECK_GID also needs to be defined for this overload to take place.

RUNDECK_GID - The unix group ID to be used for the rundeck account when rundeck is booted.  This is useful for embedding this docker container into your development environment sharing files via docker volumes between the container and your host OS.  RUNDECK_UID also needs to be defined for this overload to take place.


RUNDECK_PASSWORD - MySQL 'rundeck' user password

RUNDECK_ADMIN_PASSWORD - The rundeck server admin password

RUNDECK_STORAGE_PROVIDER - Options file (default) or db.  See:

RUNDECK_PROJECT_STORAGE_TYPE - Options file (default) or db.  See:

GUI_BRAND_HTML - HTML to show as title in app header. See: Useful to show Rundeck environment where multiple Rundeck instances are deployed, e.g. GUI_BRAND_HTML='<span class="title">QA Environment</span>'

DEBIAN_SYS_MAINT_PASSWORD - No longer used as of Debian Stretch

NO_LOCAL_MYSQL - false (default).  Set to true if using an external MySQL container or instance.  Make sure to set DATABASE_URL and RUNDECK_PASSWORD (used for JDBC connection to MySQL).  Further details for setting up MYSQL:

LOGIN_MODULE - RDpropertyfilelogin(default) or ldap. See:

JAAS_CONF_FILE - ldap configuration file name if ldap. You will need to mount the same file at /etc/rundeck/<filename of ldap>. See:


/var/lib/rundeck - Not recommended to use as a volume as it contains webapp.  For SSH key you can use the this volume: /var/lib/rundeck/.ssh
/opt/rundeck-plugins - For adding external plugins

Using an SSL Terminated Proxy




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Comments (10)
6 months ago

LDAP Integration:
Mount /your/path/jaas-loginmodule.conf:/etc/rundeck/jaas-loginmodule.conf

loginmodule.conf: you'll need to update your specific information.

RDpropertyfilelogin {
  com.dtolabs.rundeck.jetty.jaas.JettyCachingLdapLoginModule sufficient
    bindDn="CN=<USER>,ou=Technology,ou=User Objects,dc=int,dc=example,dc=com"

  org.eclipse.jetty.jaas.spi.PropertyFileLoginModule required

This will get your LDAP users logged in without access to anything. You'll need to add or update a *.aclpolicy document mounted into /etc/rundeck that allows your access per group. Follow the basic security examples for rundeck on how to manage aclpolicy files.

7 months ago

how is it possible to add ldap authentication? i would need to acess the /server/config folder and modify files in there.

9 months ago

Thanks for this excellent docker image.

9 months ago

Where does the /opt/run come from?

a year ago

"Mysqld does not start when using Volumes"

The problem might be, the GRANT statement uses IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD clause, and in this case mysql expect to get a hashed password, not a plaintext one.

This image should use IDENTIFIED BY 'your password' instead, if you wish to supply a plaintext password.

2 years ago

Works well for me, thank you.

2 years ago

@mobileforming : this is perfectly normal, when you mount a volume to the docker container it is not prepopulated with content from docker image in any way, it's just mounted "as is". Hence volumes that require to have some particular content on first start can not be effectively mounted with -v option.

2 years ago

Jordan, and potentially people of the future, just a heads up, when I actually mounted /var/lib/rundeck into a directory on the Host OS on Amazon ECS it failed for me, there was literally nothing in the directory. I simply didn't mount it and worked fine.

The failure looked like it started fine in the Amazon Task console but there was a class not found error in /var/log/rundeck because the /var/lib/rundeck directory had nothing in it (presumably).

2 years ago

Hi bscott,

Do you mind opening up an issue in git? It'll be easier to track over there. Please provide the container log in the git issue as well. Thanks :)

2 years ago

mysqld does not start when using Volumes