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Go language tools for Rapsberry Pi
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jordi/golang-raspi | docker-golang-run-raspi

Go language container (golang) that can run "go service scripts" in a Raspberry Pi computer.
Note: it is based on resin/rpi-raspbian:jessie (the /etc/service file is missing and golang network tests would fail if a service file woudln't been added. This Dockerfile adds /etc/services from Raspbian).

Tested on Arch Linux ARM version June 2014, with Docker 1.0.0, on a Raspberry Pi model B.

This image generate containers equivalent to those generated by jordi/golang-run for amd64 architectures.

Software versions:

  • Go 1.3


Change /<user-home-dir>/go with the absolute path of your src parent directory.

$ docker run -v="/<user-home-dir>/go:/go:rw" jordi/golang-raspi

If you edit and save your source files, they will remain on your host after the container has been stopped or killed.


$ docker pull jordi/golang-raspi


git clone this project, cd into it, and:

$ docker build -t golang-raspi .
Docker Pull Command