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Examples of the "Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell" book.

To just download the image:

$ docker pull jordi/parconc

to run GHCi:

$ docker run -ti --rm jordi/parconc

For instance, should you test chapter 7's sample mvar2.hs in GHCi ("Basic Concurrency: Threads and MVars"):

$ docker run -ti --rm jordi/parconc
GHCi, version 7.8.4:  :? for help
Loading package ghc-prim ... linking ... done.
Loading package integer-gmp ... linking ... done.
Loading package base ... linking ... done.
Prelude> :l mvar2.hs
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( mvar2.hs, interpreted )
Ok, modules loaded: Main.
*Main> main

If you want either read or edit a book sample file, you can either use less or emacs. Select --rm as appropiate:

$ docker run -ti --rm jordi/parconc less GetURL.hs
$ docker run -ti jordi/parconc emacs GetURL.hs


$ docker run -ti jordi/parconc bash
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