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Simple container I use when I need to get the man page for the Linux-version of a tool or syscall.
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Manual pages, Linux version

As a developer for Linux embedded systems, I often want to consult the man
pages for certain methods.

However, my development machine is a MacBook and the man pages for Mac are
actually BSD man pages. And even though these are nearly identical to Linux
ones, sometimes there is a slight but important detail that is different
enough to throw you off.

For the command-line tools, it is even worse: BSD sed or od are quite
different than their Linux counterparts.

So, to make my life a little bit easier, I created a simple Docker image,
based on the official Debian image, to allow we to view Linux man pages
straight from the terminal of OS X.

I created a small script lman with following content:

 #!/usr/bin/env bash

docker run -it --rm jorislammers/linuxman:latest $*

To finally get your man page, all you need to do is run lman ps (for
example) and you will see the appropriate Linux man page and even the
pager will work properly (BTW, the pager is less so you can scroll back and
forth and search through the man page with /).


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