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A docker image for Sqlline
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Docker container for Sqlline

Sqlline is a command-line shell for issuing SQL to
relational databases via JDBC. This project consists of a Python module (pysqlline) which
encapsulates standard command-line access to invoking Sqlline, packaged as a Docker container.

This Docker container is flexible enough to be used with any JDBC driver packaged in a JAR.

Pulling the image

First, pull the latest version of the sqlline Docker container.

$ docker pull joshelser/sqlline

From this point, there are two options to use the Docker image

Mapping the JDBC driver into the Docker container

The Docker volumes feature can be used to provide the jar containing the JDBC driver into the
Docker container. For example, a JAR located on the host machine at /home/user/my_jdbc_driver/my_jdbc_driver.jar
can be exposed as follows to the Docker container:

$ docker run --rm -v /home/user/my_jdbc_driver/:/my_jdbc_driver -it joshelser/sqlline [...]

Creating a new Docker container

Similarly, a new Docker container can be created, using this one as the base image:

$ cat <<EOF > Dockerfile
FROM joshelser/sqlline

RUN mkdir /my_database_jars
ADD /my_database_jars/

CMD ["--classpath", "/sqlline/lib/*:/my_database_jars/*"]

Usage for

These are the full list of arguments that you can pass to pysqlline.

usage: [-h] -d DRIVER [-c COLOR] [-f FILE] [-n NAME]
                    [-p PASSWORD] [-v VERBOSE] [--auto-commit AUTO_COMMIT]
                    [--auto-save AUTO_SAVE] [--fast-connect FAST_CONNECT]
                    [--force FORCE] [--header-interval HEADER_INTERVAL]
                    [--incremental INCREMENTAL]
                    [--max-width MAX_WIDTH]
                    [--max-column-width MAX_COLUMN_WIDTH]
                    [--number-format NUMBER_FORMAT]
                    [--output-format {table,vertical,csv,tsv}]
                    [--show-header SHOW_HEADER]
                    [--show-nested-errors SHOW_NESTED_ERRORS]
                    [--show-time SHOW_TIME] [--show-warnings SHOW_WARNINGS]
                    [--silent SILENT] [--classpath CLASSPATH] [--java JAVA]

Example usage

Apache Avatica provides a database-agnostic JDBC driver which
makes it extremely re-usable which this Docker image.

For example, conside the following usage for the Avatica JDBC driver with this Docker image:

$ docker run --rm -v /home/user/.m2/repository/org/apache/calcite/avatica/avatica/1.10.0/:/avatica \
    -it joshelser/sqlline --classpath '/sqlline/lib/*:/avatica/avatica-1.10.0.jar' \
    -d org.apache.calcite.avatica.remote.Driver -n user -p password \
    'jdbc:avatica:remote:url=http://$(hostname -f):8765;SERIALIZATION=PROTOBUF'

The above approach is applicable to any JDBC driver.

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