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Docker image for seL4 and CAmkES build tools

This repository contains a Docker image for building and running
seL4 and CAmkES locally.

Bootstrapping container

First of all, the image has to be built or fetched from
with make build or make pull respectively.

Next, a container has to be created from the image.
make create will do the job. With this container you can download the source
code into the container and build it there.

Alternatively make create_local SRC_PATH=... creates a container that uses
locally available source and builds in a local directory. SRC_PATH
corresponds to a seL4/CAmkES source tree on the local machine. This will be
available under /build_src in the container.

Finally, make start will open a terminal from which seL4/CAmkES can be compiled
and run.

Compiling and running

In order to compile the OS for the first time, the following commands need to
be executed after entering the terminal.

If you used make create:

cd /home/root
mkdir camkes-manifest
cd camkes-manifest
repo init -u 
repo sync

Otherwise if you used make create_local

cd /build_src

To build for ARM

make arm_simple_defconfig
make silentoldconfig

Afterwards, launching the OS via qemu can be done by

qemu-system-arm -M kzm -nographic -kernel images/capdl-loader-experimental-image-arm-imx31

To build for x86

make x86_simple_defconfig
make silentoldconfig

Afterwards, launching the OS via qemu can be done by

qemu-system-i386 -nographic -m 512 -kernel images/kernel-ia32-pc99 -initrd images/capdl-loader-experimental-image-ia32-pc99    

For further details please refer to the seL4 website.

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