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Docker that contains steam, caution steam can cause severe burns!


Rancher template

You can find many templates for easy creation using rancher

Local build

make build

to build the image locally


or make pull to pull the image from docker hub


after which you can run with

make run

MAnual Install

after pulling or building:

make install

will start the container with /bin/bash so you can go in and verify
the install goes fine, which you can do by make enter to enter the container.

where you can then install by doing /assets/

alternatively you can do this all manually:


I make a dedicated serving account and turn off steamguard, otherwise
you have to wade through the notes below:

old method

-- use the above for an automated walkthrough of getting the steamguard token

Because of the Steam Guard Token. You must get into the VM, login as the steam user and incant /home/steam/steamcmd/,
then at the steam prompt type login $STEAM_USER $STEAM_PASSWORD with the steam credentials for your dedicated server account
(it is recommended you make a separate account for each dedicated server you put up)

I’m looking for a good way to automate this process.

At this point you will have to do the dance to get the steam token.

And to make all this persistent you’ll need to -v mount at least the steam directories, but I’ve just been mounting the entire /home/steam directory so I can save maps and other things out as well YMMV

you can see an example here that I made for

saving the directory before migrating to octohost can be a tricky step. Essentially I run make run on this project:
and copy the home directory out at that time. Then copy over to my octohost into the /exports/armocto directory

view the dev docs here on creating a script for the steamcmd:
that is the same as the default steamer.txt given here

main website here:

Docker Pull Command
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