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Slim node docker with some utils for dev
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This repository contains a set of docker based on node. I use these dockers to limit npm install and always know what I really have.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links


There are some shortcuts you can use thanks to your bashrc or bash_aliases.

  • Your source code should be in the current directory tree.
  • You can configure your own user ID with USER variable (this is to avoid all new files created by docker are owned by root).
  • You can add more options to your docker with the NODE_OPTS variable
  • You can use Git URLs as Dependencies.
# This will let you use node repl or start a node program.
alias node="docker run -ti --rm -e USER_ID=1000 -v $(pwd):/usr/src/app ${NODE_OPTS} joxit/node node"
# This will let you use npm install etc (-g option will not work as you want).
alias npm="docker run -ti --rm -e USER_ID=1000 -v $(pwd):/usr/src/app ${NODE_OPTS} joxit/node npm"
# This will let you use more than one command at the time.
alias node_bash="docker run -ti --rm -e USER_ID=1000 -v $(pwd):/usr/src/app ${NODE_OPTS} joxit/node bash"

# Use cartoCSS utilities 
alias carto="docker run -ti --rm -e USER_ID=1000 -v $(pwd):/usr/src/app ${NODE_OPTS} joxit/node:carto cartoyml"
alias cartocc="docker run -ti --rm -e USER_ID=1000 -v $(pwd):/usr/src/app ${NODE_OPTS} joxit/node:carto cartoymlcc"


# This will save node_modules in my directory with my source code and node_modules will be owned by root
NODE_OPTS="-e USER_ID=0" npm install
# I use NODE_OPTS var to add new options to the docker (such as port for a server).
NODE_OPTS="-p 3000:3000" node server/index.js


Carto is a fast CSS-like map stylesheets

This docker contains carto, cartocc and cartoymlcc.

  • carto will transform your cartoCSS (.mml) project to a mapnik xml.
  • cartocc will customize a cartoCSS (.mml) project (such as change database connection).
  • cartoymlcc will transfom your yaml to a cartoCSS (.mml) project and customize it with cartocc.
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