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This is the base repository for previewing Kirby-formatted documentation in Joyent public repositories.

Joyent uses Kirby, a file-based CMS, to publish most of our web properties and documentation. This repository doesn't include the Joyent theme or other branding, but it is maintained as a reliable base to allow publicly previewing web content.

Where it's used:


Why Kirby

There are a number of arguments against Kirby, including:

  • It's not properly open source
  • It requires a runtime to view the pages, rather than generating static content
  • It forces the use of numbered directories and exactly one *.md file per directory, which is unexpected

We recognize these frustrations, but continue to use Kirby because...

  • The content is all Markdown, so we're not really locked in to it (templates and fancy pages can get much more complex, but documentation is straightforward)
  • It works well enough
  • It makes the primary developer happy
  • The directory structure actually eliminates confusion about the hierarchical structure of the site, even if it defies expectations
  • Bikeshedding is easy, but identifying/developing a meaningful alternative and doing the migration is real work
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