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Image includes petclinic Spring Application loaded on tomcat 8.0
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  • Petclinic War file
  • Tomcat 8.0
  • admin/admin as tomcat manager's username/password

Deployment instructions:

  • Do a docker pull. [docker pull jparasha/petclinic-on-tomcat]
  • Run the downloaded image [docker run -d -p 8080:8080 jparasha/petclinic-on-tomcat]

Accessing the running app:

  • Note the docker machine IP address. [docker-machine ip]
  • Go to web-browser in the host Machine ( Chrome/IE ).
  • Type in the ip address and port number. Add a route "petclinic".
    [example: ]
  • Or verify the same on docker console : cURL

Stopping the running container:

  • Use docker ps to list running containers.
  • Find the petclinic container and note first few unique characters or whole containerID.
  • Use docker stop <CONTAINERID> to stop the container
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