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openjdk:8-jre + official AWS Local DynamoDB
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docker pull jpbochi/local-dynamodb -

This is a java image with the AWS official Local DynamoDB.



  • docker run -t jpbochi/local-dynamodb starts a server with default options
  • docker run -t -p 18000:8000 jpbochi/local-dynamodb dynamodb -inMemory -sharedDb starts a server with in-memory database exposed on the port 18000 of the docker host machine
  • docker run -t jpbochi/local-dynamodb dynamodb-version to verify which version of DynamoDb Local you're running
  • docker run -t jpbochi/local-dynamodb dynamodb -help for help


AWS DynamoDb code -port option doesn't work very well. It's advisable to use docker's port mapping instead.

How does it compare to the competition

jpbochi/local-dynamodb is about half the size of ryanratcliff/dynamodb or peopleperhour/dynamodb. Mine has automation to ensure that images will be tagged with the version of DynamoDB Local that was downloaded.

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