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DockerContainer from Github
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RSCC - Server

This repository is a fork of (GNU General Public License v3.0).

This Repo represents the Server-Part of the Remote Support Control Center (RSCC).
Combined this server and the Client makes up a suite to start a VNC-Connections
between two clients even if they are located behind NATs or firwalls.

It the clients uses the tunnel over this server to exchange information
needed to establish a direct connection using ICE/STUN and RUDP.
When a direct connection cannot be establish this Server
is used as relay.

It contains only small modification to the original repository:

  • Generated token is 9 digits numeric
  • Client Script are updated, the way they are used in RSCC

The DockerPackage is automaticly Build on DockerHub, on every commit.

Getting Started

Installation of a P2P server

This server should be run as Docker-Container.
(Other installations are not maintained in this repository)


Docker Environment has to be installed.

Follow this guides:

Or run the following command:

sudo apt-get install

The Server must be reachable over IP or DNS on 2 different ports

Recommended is:

  • HTTP: 800
  • ssh: 2201

Pulling it from DockerHub

sudo docker search jpduloch/p2p

sudo docker pull jpduloch/p2p

sudo docker run -d --name=P2P -p 2201:2201 -p 800:800 jpduloch/p2p

For more details about this DockerHub image see:

Maintaining server

Here a short list of usefull commands

## List running container
sudo docker ps

## Create new Container from image:
sudo docker run -d --name=P2P -p 2201:2201 -p 800:800 jpduloch/p2p

## Update Image from Dockerhub
sudo docker pull jpduloch/p2p

## Update Image from Dockerhub with specific tag
sudo docker pull jpduloch/p2p:KeyTo9chars

## Stop Container
sudo docker stop P2P

## Remove Container
sudo docker rm P2P

## Execute bash in container
sudo docker exec -it P2P bash

## if the start of the docker container fails, try to restart the docker-deamon with:
sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart

Count Connections

## Execute bash in container
sudo docker exec -it P2P bash

## Traverse to Home directory
cd /home/vnc

## Show contents of log-file
cat p2p.log


The Project remains under GNU General Public License v3.0

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