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This is my attempt to setup Dovecot in Docker. Inspired by mailinabox.

This is still very experimental - do not use this in production!

How to use this darn thing?

Well right now, I'm still working on getting other images setup (like postfix, spamassassin, etc), so I haven't fully tested this yet. But here's what
I do know:

  • Mail is stored in /srv/mail/mailboxes
  • Sieve filters are stored at /srv/mail/sieve
  • An SSL cert and key is required, they should be at /private/ssl/ssl_certificate.pem and /private/ssl/ssl_private_key.pem

At startup, I read everything from /srv/ssl and copy it to /srv/mail/ssl/
and chown it to the Dovecot user.

Also at startup, I check if /etc/dovecot is empty. If so, a default
config is copied into /etc/dovecot

If /etc/dovecot was empty and you either:

  1. Have a container linked in as mysql
  2. Have an environment variable named MYSQL_HOST

Then I also try to setup the database (more details below, under "Environment Variables"

Needed Volumes

  • /srv/mail - Used for storing mail
  • /private/ssl - Used for reading in the SSL cert and key you want to use

Optional Volumes

  • /etc/dovecot - Used for storing the dovecot configuration. This will
    be rebuilt using environment variables at startup, but this is a handy way
    to do more customization.
  • /private/ - You can place any of the listed environment variables
    in this file and they'll be sourced at startup.


  • 143 - The standard IMAP port
  • 993 - IMAP over SSL port
  • 12345 - a SASL port for authentication against Dovecot
  • 10026 - an LMTP port, mostly for SpamAssassin to use

Environment Variables

The complete list:


Details on each variable

  • MYSQL_HOST - use this to specify your MySQL server.
  • MYSQL_USER - use this to specify your root MySQL user (optional)
  • MYSQL_PASS - use this to specify your root MySQL password (optional)

If MYSQL_HOST is set (or you have a linked container named mysql), then
that MySQL server will be used for querying users.

If MYSQL_USER and MYSQL_PASS are set, then I'll create the needed
database for dovecot. If these are blank, I skip that step.


These drive what database name to use, as well as a username and password
for that database. These are required variables.

  • ADMIN_EMAIL - This is for creating a "postmaster" email address.

  • SKIP_DB_SETUP - if this is set to anything, then the entire DB setup
    process will be skipped. This is useful if you already have a db of users
    you want to use, and don't want me trying to create tables.

  • SKIP_DOVECOT_SETUP - Disables creating the /etc/dovecot folder.

  • SYSLOG_HOST - Forward syslogs to this host.

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