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This is my attempt to setup Postfix in Docker. Inspired by mailinabox.

This is still very experimental. Please do not run this in production!

How to use this darn thing?

Well right now, I'm still working on getting other images setup, so I haven't fully tested this yet. But here's what
I do know:

  • The postfix config is in /etc/postfix

At startup, if the /etc/postfix directory is empty, a setup script is run. Said
setup script assumes:

  • Your users are stored in a MySQL DB, using the setup from jprjr/ubuntu-dovecot:14.04
  • You want SASL authentication against a dovecot instance
  • You'll be running mail through spampd

Needed Volumes

  • /etc/postfix - Used for storing the postfix configuration.
  • /private/ssl - Used for reading in the SSL cert and key you want to use

Optional volumes

  • /private/ - Used to setup environment variables from a file, instead
    of on the command line.


  • 25 - The standard smtp port
  • 587 - the standard submission port

Environment Variables

The complete list:

  • MYSQL_HOST (not needed if there's a linked container named mysql)
  • DOVECOT_HOST (not needed if there's a linked container named dovecot)
  • SPAMASSASSIN_HOST (not needed if there's a linked container named spamassassin)
  • SYSLOG_HOST (optional. Can also link a container named syslog)

Details on each variable

  • MYSQL_HOST - use this to specify your MySQL server.



These drive what database name to use, as well as a username and password
for that database. These are required variables.

  • SPAMASSASSIN_HOST - use this to specify your SpamAssassin host.

  • ADMIN_EMAIL - This is for creating a "postmaster" email address.

    • This can also set the SMTP hostname - it will be smtp.<domain>
  • SMTP_HOSTNAME - Set an explicit hostname for Postfix to use.

  • SYSLOG_HOST - Forward all syslog messages to a host

  • SKIP_POSTFIX_SETUP - Everytime the container starts, the setup is recreated from scrach using environment variables. Setting this to anything (0, 1, whatever) will keep that step from happening.

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