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This is my attempt to setup Spamassassin in Docker. Inspired by mailinabox.

This image is still experimental, please do not use this in production

How to use this darn thing?

Well right now, I'm still working on getting other images setup, so I haven't
fully tested this yet. But here's what should work:

  • spampd is listening to port 10025
  • spampd needs to connect to a dovecot server via lmtp on port 10026

Needed Volumes

  • /var/lib/spamassassin - Used for storing spamassassin updates etc

Optional Volumes

  • /etc/rsyslog.d - If you want to customize your rsyslog
  • /private/ - If you don't want to set environment variables
    on the command line, you can place them in /private/ and
    they'll be sourced in the startup scripts.


  • 10025 - An smtpproxy port for Postfix

Environment Variables

The complete list:

  • DOVECOT_HOST (or link a container named dovecot)
  • SYSLOG_HOST (or link a container named syslog)

Details on each variable

  • DOVECOT_HOST - What dovecot server to deliver mail to
  • SYSLOG_HOST - use this to specify your syslog host (optional)
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