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Patched version of Jose Delarosa's openmanage docker image
Full Description

Dell OpenManage

Dockerized OpenManage, built on top of official CentOS images.


  • container has to run in privilged mode so that the host hardware can be exposed to it.
  • to prevent device drivers from being built via DKS (Dynamic Kernel Support) we fool OMSA into thinking we're running in RHEL 7 (not CentOS 7), so the OS information reported by OMSA will be RHEL 7 (refer to the Dockerfile).
  • default command: /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/ restart so that services can start cleanly in case container is stopped and then restarted.
  • login credentials: root / password

Where this image has been tested (some more than others)

  • RHEL 7
  • SLES 12
  • CentOS 7
  • Ubuntu Server 12.04 & 14.04
  • Debian 7 / 8

Run example

$ docker run --privileged -d -p 1311:1311 -p 161:161/udp --restart=always \
   -v /lib/modules/`uname -r`:/lib/modules/`uname -r` \
   --name=omsa81 jdelaros1/openmanage:latest

Once the container starts, give it about 20-25 seconds for all the OpenManage services to start inside the container.

From the CLI, you can run something like docker exec omsa81 omreport system summary or use a browser to go to https://your-server-ip:1311 and use login credentials listed above.

To test the snmp Daemon you can try reading the storage OIDs

$ snmpwalk -On -c public -v2c your-server-ip .

Known Issues

  • IP and MAC information in network controllers is not available.


Please note this image is provided as-is and not supported by Dell in any shape or form.

Report problems or provide feedback

If you run into any problems or would like to provide feedback, please send a note to the Linux-PoweEdge mailing list.

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