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uWSGI for Python Applications
Full Description

uWSGI and NGINX Stack for Python Web Applications

Designed for rapid development of Python web applications

Rapid Development

docker run -d -v /path/to/project:/home/app -p 80:80 jrelva/uwsgi_python

uWSGI will automatically reload the Python application after a change is detected

Stack Overview

  • Ubuntu 16.04 Base
  • Python 2.7.11
    • Performs proxying to uWSGI
    • Also serves static content
  • uWSGI
    • Serves Python application
  • /sbin/init
    • --install - Installs pip and apt packages
    • --execute - Executes the application

Default Packages

Python Packages

  • flask
  • flask-restful
  • uwsgi

Ubuntu Packages

  • nginx
  • python-pip
  • python-setuptools

Application Folder Structure

The home directory where applications are served is /home/app.
Under this directory your application should have this folder structure

  • /home/app
    * app/ - This is where your Python code goes
      * `` - Your main WSGI Python application
    * static/ - Your static content such as .html, .js, .css files
      * `index.html`
      * js/
      * css/
    * `requirements.apt` - apt-get requirements, separated by newline
    * `requirements.pip` - pip requirements, separated by newline


To enable error logging of application errors to the container log you should add the PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS parameter to the Flask configuration.

from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS'] = True
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